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Save Your Stuff When Water Attacks

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Ruler measuring two feet of water This house had two feet of water in the basement.

No one wants to walk into a room full of water, but it happens.  What doesn't normally happen is an immediate reaction to save your belongings.  Many customers feel so overwhelmed that they don't think of what to do first.  We want to give you a list of things to do, so you can save as many belongings as possible.

1.  STOP THE WATER!  If you can't figure out where the water is coming from, then shut off the main water valve.  Make sure that there is no more water coming into the room

2. SHUT OFF ANY AFFECTED UTILITIES.  If water is coming through electrical outlets, make sure to turn the power to them off.

3.  If you air conditioner and ducts weren't affected by the water damage, TURN IT ON for at least the first 24 hours to decrease the humidity. 

4. Call SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello.  We'll get a crew together to get out and help you start the next part of the process.

5.  Get out the water.  Using an extractor, water pump, and even buckets, get as much water out as you can.

6. Get all documents and photos that are water damaged, put them in a ziplock bag, and FREEZE THEM.  It will help them be restored later.

7.  Start washing all clothes, bedding, towels, and other linens that might grow mold.  Getting them clean ASAP is going to save them later.

8.  Remove everything that you can, but if you can't remove furniture, at least wrap the legs in foil to prevent more water damage or stains.

9. Leave the carpet alone.  A restoration company will handle the carpet so that it can be saved or replaced, but insurance will want to see the carpet in place first.

10.  Make sure you wipe all of the excess water from furniture and belongings.  Get it off quickly to prevent damage.

SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello will help you with all of this, and then they will place fans and dehumidifiers throughout the room in a scientifically proven manner that will help dry your home out fast.  Our experienced technicians know how to utilize the space and the air movement to take care of you.  Then they will begin the process of removing all affected materials that might further get damaged.

We know having a flood is difficult, but we're here for you.  Call us today at (208) 242-3819

Keeping your business clean the SERVPRO way

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

person in white tyvek suit using a hand sprayer on a wall Proper mold remediation

A Janitor's duties and responsibilities can include general cleaning of a building and keeping it maintained and in good condition. This can include vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing restrooms, taking out trash and recycling and washing and cleaning windows and mirrors.

Maintenance workers, also known as repair workers, fix and maintain mechanical equipment, buildings, and machines. Tasks include plumbing work, painting, flooring repair and upkeep, electrical repairs and heating and air conditioning system maintenance.

So where does SERVPRO come into play?  We're the crew that comes in when your janitorial service or maintenance service can't perform the duties necessary to clean or repair a problem due to lack of equipment, skill, or hazards.  SERVPRO of Blackfoot & Pocatello is capable of cleaning carpets, upholstery, drapes, biohazards, floods, fires, ducts, mold, vandalism, crime scenes, water damage, and odors.  

We know that your business means a lot to you, and we want to be there for you so that any disaster doesn't keep you out of business.  Give us a call and we'll set up a time to come by with our information!  We'll do anything from janitorial weekly services, to major accidents and disasters.  We also travel all throughout Southeastern Idaho.  We're Here to Help®

Don't clean up water damage alone

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

Man and woman catching water from the ceiling. Call us if you ever find yourself holding a bucket to catch water in your home.

So you've had a flood in your house.  Maybe the dishwasher backed up and your kitchen is flooded and running into your living room.  Or your upstairs bathroom toilet clogged up and now you have water pouring through the ceiling into your basement.  Most people don't think water is that big of a deal and as long as they can dry it out, things will be fine.  Sometimes though, they're wrong.  Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't try and clean your flooded home by yourself.

1. Mold.  We all know that mold is the number 1 enemy after water damage, but most people don't really understand why or how mold affects our home.  If you don't properly mitigate the situation, you're almost guaranteed to have mold growing in the porous materials of your floor, walls, and belongings.  The walls may look and feel dry, but you can't see the other side, where the mold is growing, until it gets so bad that it comes through the wall.

2. Home Depreciation & Insurance Issues.  Homeowners insurance is purchased for a reason.  In the event of damage to your home, they will help you cover the costs.  If you choose to clean up the damage yourself, you're going to understand why a restoration company matters.  If by chance you've cleaned up a flood on your own without calling insurance, you aren't going to be able to file a claim later one.  Any issue that might arise due to improper cleaning is no longer covered by insurance.  That's a huge risk, if the damage is bad enough, and then the value of your home is going to decrease unless you pay to replace everything that could have been restored.

3. Warped floors and walls.  This is the big one that usually makes people think twice after they've cleaned their own flood.  It's not very noticeable at first, but after time your floors may start twisting and warping.  Wood floors can be permanently damaged, drywall will deteriorate, and carpets can delaminate.  If you try to dry out a flood without the proper equipment, it's going to take a lot longer and the humidity will do more damage than you realize.

4. Biohazards from contaminated water.  I had a woman approach me yesterday to tell me that her laundry room was backing up.  What caught me off guard was that she said "It's clean water, just from the washing machine, so it's not too bad."  There is a big difference between clean water and contaminated water.  If the water in your home is from a supply line, in most circumstances, it can be considered clean water, and there is a bigger likelihood of being able to restore almost all of the contents in the home if dried properly.  Water that comes from the Drain-Waste-Vent System, in other words the water going OUT of your house, is absolutely not clean and it contains things like chemicals and biohazard waste in it.  It might not look like sewage, but you're not going to want that to get on your skin or breathe it in, no matter what.

5. Risk of electric shock.  If you don't have experience with working with electricity, let me tell you, getting shocked is not fun.  When water is introduced to your electrical system, it can be deadly.  If the water is in your walls, it's best to call in the professionals so you don't risk harming yourself.

If you need help, give us a call at (208) 242-3819 and SERVPRO of Blackfoot & Pocatello can be there in an hour.

You can put out a fire, but the smoke will linger.

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Woman in a kitchen using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in the oven while cooking croissants.  You can handle the fire, but can you handle the smoke?

"It wasn't very big, and we got the fire out ourselves, but it still smells."

We get this call a lot.  Someone has a fire in their home, but it was handled before anyone had to call the fire department, but two days later your house still smells like burnt ramen and campfire.

No matter how small the fire, smoke and soot will still penetrate in your home and leave a residue that is likely to cause lingering smells that won’t disappear.  No amount of Febreze or candles will help.

SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello is here to help!  We have the experience and the products that will clean your walls and furniture and help you get your home smelling fresh and clean again.  Our mitigation experts know exactly where those smells are lingering and how to get them out.

No matter if it was a grease fire, wood fire, chemical fire, or your kid burnt his top ramen on the stove, we can help!

Call us today, and we'll be there in an hour! (208) 242-3819


4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Green box white letters Don't be a statistic.

Did you know that 50% of business that suffer a disaster never reopen?  

Preparing your business for a disaster is imperative for a long and strong running company.  It's not just having fire extinguishers and an emergency escape plan, but having a real emergency response plan that will help you not be one of the negative statistics. 

SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello offers all business a FREE Emergency Response Profile (ERP) for their business (and even a home if you want it!).  With no obligations or signatures required, we can come into your business and create a plan that will help your employees know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.

In your personalized profile, there will be pictures and explanations on where each emergency shut off valve or box is in your facility, and local phone numbers for emergency response and utility work.  It gives you employees a sense of control and knowing exactly what's expected of them in the event of a disaster.  It doesn't matter if its fire damage, water or flood damage, sewage, or even vandalism, this profile can help them know what to do.

In addition to the profile, there is an APP for any smart phone that with one click of a button will signal SERVPRO to dispatch their emergency crew directly to your business.

It's one of the smartest things you can do to protect yourself and your employees from being without a place to work tomorrow.

You should TRUST your Restoration Company.

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Fire coming up a dark stairwell Every emergency deserves a trusted company.

Lets face it, the restoration industry has developed a reputation of its own for being less than professional.  In the past few years, they seem to be popping up as quickly as car washes and coffee shops, all chasing that easy insurance money. The truth is, insurance claims are never easy money, and if you have a company that doesn't know what they're doing, it's going to end up costing YOU more in the long run, because everything the insurance denies can come back onto the homeowner if you're not careful.  If you have an emergency in your home, the last thing you need is an untrained group with less than honest backgrounds going through your personal belongings and a huge bill that can end up as a lien on your home.

So WHY would you choose SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello over the other companies?  

1. We're an IICRC certified firm, with IICRC certified technicians.  From fire, flood, to biohazard, we make sure our technicians are up to date on all of the regulations of the restoration industry, and we make sure to confront every job with the leading standards.  Make sure that you're hiring a company that is always up to date on their certifications, and make sure they can explain to you WHY they are taking the actions to mitigate the way they are.  They should be able to explain the process, and why at each step.

2.  We do extensive background checks and drug tests.  We know that you're going through a terrible situation, and we want you to feel comfortable and safe with us.  We make sure that our crews have a clean background and no history of theft or violence.  We want you to know that we care about you and your home, and we only hire the best.  Not every company here can say the same.

3.  We're available 24/7/365.  Never hire a restoration company that tells you they can't be there within two hours.  Every moment counts after a fire or flood.  If you have a biohazard situation, we want to make sure that it's taken care of quickly so you can get back into your home without having to see the mess that was left behind.

4. We're really a cleaning company.  We're not just a fire/flood/mold company.  We emphasize our ability to take care of ANY cleaning job that goes above and beyond what someone would want to take care of themselves.  We use our own special blends of chemicals put together by an entire chemistry team to make sure you have the top of the line quality used on your home, and you can trust that it's truly clean.

5. We will guarantee our work.  You deserve to have a home that you're happy to be in, and we promise to make sure that the quality of work is top notch, and if it's not, we'll correct it with not cost to you.

6.  No hidden fees!  This one is what sets us aside from the other companies in town.  We know that you have homeowners insurance for a reason.  We always make sure to stay in the parameters of what the insurance adjusters have laid out for us.  If we ever come across something that we've done that isn't approved by you or your insurance, it won't become your problem.  If you WANT to remodel your home beyond what insurance is paying, we can do that too, but every decision over what your claim is paying will be approved by you before it's completed.

We know that "Restoration" isn't fun.  Seeing your home in pieces is one of the hardest moments you'll have, but we promise at the end of the day that your home will look "Like It Never Even Happened®"

How To Clean Smoke Stains

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Room covered in soot with a fireplace No job is too big for SERVPRO

Smoke stains can be caused by several different mishaps around the home.  A fireplace, candle, BBQ, heater, or even a small fire can create an ugly smoke stain.  The worst being nicotine stains from cigarette smoke.  Most people don't realize that smoke stains are oil based, and require a lot more than just a good scrubbing to clean up.

Smoke particles themselves are called soot, and that is the grey or black stains that can be powdery or oily that also coat the surfaces of a home exposed to a fire or smoke.   They don't just look bad, but they're really bad for your health too.  They can get into your lungs and bloodstream and make people really sick.  That's why is so important to make sure that all smoke stains are cleaned properly.

Many of the cleaners that are designed for smoke and soot are extremely harsh on your lungs and skin, so always make sure that if you're going to try and do it yourself that you wear the proper safety equipment like gloves and a mask.  Not all cleaners are created equal, and you have to make sure to remove the oil based smoke from the walls, or the stains will continue to reappear, even after you paint over them.

Directions for Removing Smoke Stains from Walls

  1. Remove the soot.  Do this with a HEPA vacuum and don't scrub.
  2. Spray it with water to prevent it from going airborne.
  3. Apply Cleaner. Spray cleaner on all affected areas on brick, stone, metal or plastic. For painted surfaces, used a sponge.
  4. Scrub. Agitate the stained area with your brush or scrubbing pad.
  5. Rinse with water. Spray clean, warm water onto the cleaned area or wipe down with a damp towel.
  6. Dry. Allow to air dry, or wipe with dry towel.

Heavy soils may require repeated application.

If that process seems overwhelming, SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello are leading experts on smoke and soot removal, and we have the products to get the job done right, and quickly.  Give us a call today and we can be there in an hour.

Prepare for Spring Weather

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

A roof with missing tiles and a yellow caution sign that says storm damage We can fix anything the storm brings your way.

Mark Twain once said, “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.”

You never know what spring is going to bring.  It can be 80° one day then frigid rain for the next week.  In Idaho, we have seen everything from heat, snow, rain, floods, and even tornadoes.  The biggest storm phenomenon is thunderstorms.  The risk of lightning and flash floods are dangerous for almost anyone who lives in southeastern Idaho.  We want all of our neighbors to know that we can help you no matter what a storm brings to your home.  

We can help pump out water, clean up sewage, take care of damage from lighting, or board up a window that can get broken during a tornado.  We can even assist if a tree falls on your home.

If you face any kind of extreme weather this spring that damages your home or office building, please feel free to reach out, and we will be there to help.  We are available 24/7 and someone can be there within an hour*

Apartment Mold

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall Mold usually comes from moisture within the wall.

When I was young and my friends and I had just started moving out into our own apartments, we didn't really know anything about what to look for when it came to water damage.  When the mold appeared on the bathroom wall three months later, we didn't know what to do, so we called maintenance.  He came in and inspected it, and we talked for a while and we just assumed the mold was likely from condensation, and that we needed to take less showers.  He cleaned it up with bleach, and that was that.  Every few months that mold would reappear on the wall, and we'd just spray it with bleach and make it go away.

Fast forward 20 years, now working at a restoration company, I sure know better.  I know that the mold wasn't from our showers, but likely from a water leak in the wall next to the toilet.  I know now that spraying the bleach only changed the appearance, but didn't treat the mold.  And I also know now that the maintenance guy (who was actually pretty helpful) didn't really know what he was looking at either, or how to properly treat it.

I have to say that was my favorite apartment, but I do wish I could go back in time and ask if we could look a little further into the wall.

Here at SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello, that's what we do!  We know that most maintenance teams with apartments and property management companies know what they're doing, but there will always be times that they need a hand.  That's the best time to call us.  If you ever need assistance in an apartment, give us a call. 208-242-3819 

Brown Spots On Ceiling Tiles

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Brown water damage on dropped ceiling tile Those brown spots are more than just ugly, they're a sign of something uglier.

Businesses with dropped ceilings know how distracting and unprofessional water stains can be on ceiling tiles.  Having a leak in your roof or fire suppression system can cause all sorts of damage.  Sometimes it feels like niagra falls is coming down on your desk, but sometimes you don't recognize the leak until you get those ugly brown water spots.

There are plenty of websites that will teach you how to paint and bleach the expensive tiles, but they don't mention what's above them that can be more than just an eyesore.

If your business has those telltale brown spots, there could also be mold in the insulation above it, or even on the top of the tile it's self.  So before you head to the hardware store for paint, make sure you have a professional come in and investigate your water damage to make sure you're not putting a bandaid on a water disaster.

SERVPRO of Blackfoot//Pocatello does free local estimates for any home or business that may have water damage.  Give us a call and we will let you know what's hiding above the wet ceiling tiles.

Call Today  (208) 242-3819

*Mileage will apply to any business more than 30 miles from Pocatello*